List of Developed Applications

Over the years, Hasilasli had developed a number of application software used in many mobile phone outlets, libraries in major schools, boarding schools and universities, and some established organizations in Malaysia. List of Developed Commercial Customized Application Software;

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1) Mobile phone outlet - Point of Sale (PoS) system
 - Inventory Management
 - Check out functions
 - Inventory reports
 - Sales reports

 2) Library Management System - Books and students database
 - Movement tracking
 - Inventory reports
 - borrowing statistics

3) Sistem Kod Warna - School Management System
 - Student Database
 - Examination Database
 - Teacher Database
 - Examination result Database
 - Examination Analysis
 - Examination Reports
 - Teacher and Student Target Analysis
 - Teacher and Student Performance Tracking and Reporting

4) Instrument Control Applications
 - Remote control of Agilent Spectrum Analyzer
 - Remote control of Avantest Spectrum Analyzer
 - Remote control of Wiltek Spectrum Analyzer

 5) Occasional Usage Service (OUS) Management System
 - Customer Database
 - Resources Database
 - Scheduling
 - Usage log
 - Reporting

 6) Data trending plugin
 - Data capturing and storing
 - Plotting and trending data points

 7) Satellite Transponder Loading Application
 - Database of resources
 - Database of customer
 - Database of allocation of resources
 - Occupancy statistics
 - Reporting

 8) Budget Management System
 - Budget Submission, Review and Approval process
 - Maintain OPEX and CAPEX budgets
 - Tracks budget utilization and usage records
 - reporting

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